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What we see as cats showing a display of bad behavior, might actually just be our feline friends trying to protect us—at least, in their minds.

Super Chai and Little Latte (Chai’s sidekick) team up to fight crime in your household, battling Toilet Paper Roll Monsters, Dr. Laser Chucks, Mr. Fuzzy Malignant Mouse, and more!

In case you were wondering, yes these are my two (awesome) cats. I had a lot of fun doping them up on catnip and getting crazy photos of them in action while playing. Be sure to check out the process book for some behind the scenes hilarity!

The following design boards will portray the imagination of a cat and how they see the everyday objects they tend to attack. The boards will portray the concept in a colorful, comic book – like style, with a nod to tactile illustration.

Super Cool Shots

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Heroes vs. Villains

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