Metamorphosis #17

about the project

A collaborative project with David Conklin, Evan Goodell, Kai Paquin (sound), and Taylor English. We worked with Creative Director Carlo Vega over the course of 48 hours, to produce an animated segment to be included in Vega's "Metamorphosis". Metamorphosis is an online installation piece that shuffles a series of animated segments to create a unique video experience for each viewer.

This project was part of the Savannah College of Art and Design's Motion Media Department quarterly INSPIRE Workshop. SCAD MOME hosts these workshops in a format where professionals from the industry come to the school and host a 48 hour design challenge where students complete a project from start to finish, working in teams to meet their goal. This was the first ever INSPIRE event and was a lot of fun! It was challenging to work on such an extensive project in teams over such a short time, but everyone pulled through and we are super proud of what we pulled off.

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