moonrise kingdom title sequence

about the project

A live-action based sequence of titles for the Wes Anderson Film titled: Moonrise Kingdom. This piece utilizes top view perspective, vintage lighting/color corrections, and a striking sans-serif typeface in order to convey the overall feel of this film as well as most other Wes Anderson films.

This project's story is one of my favorite stories to tell. The project's conception was a rocky road. I spent many days and nights working on concepts and throwing them away, frustrated with my inability to choose an appropriate treatment. Finally, 2 days before the project was due, at 12am (because that's when the best ideas are made), the idea of playing on Wes Anderson's signature top view perspective and using film rather than traditional animation made itself apparent as the best fit for the piece. Over the next few days, I directed and shot the film, as well as hunted through antique shops to find a record player that would be the star of the project. The frantic efforts that this project demanded were well worth it, and it still remains one of my favorite pieces.

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