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National Geographic is associated with the education and exploration of our world. It is a brand that feels “real”, and has a rich history. National Geographic recconects it’s viewers with the vast, raw world that we sometimes don’t get to appreciate as often as we’d like.

This logo animation will convey the idea that National Geographic takes us on journeys and adventures within our world, without ever having to leave our living room. The animation starts with a tunnel spiral camera move, through many 3D versions of the iconic golden rectangles, and then quickly pulls out, symbolizing that while programming may change, National Geographic always returns to it’s roots and original mission. The camera will then move to the right, revealing the rest of the logotype.

I enjoyed creating this piece because it was the first time in a very long time that I used Cinema 4D. It was like opening the program for the first time. I learned a lot with this piece and was very happy with the results, considering it is probably my second Cinema 4D project and first decent one!

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