SyFy Network Identity Direction 02

about the project

For this project, we were instructed to conceptualize two different design directions with the same concept for the television network "SyFy". The assignment dictated that we create 6 styleframes, 3 for each design direction.

In my second design direction, I chose to focus, again, on the fantasy angle that is offered by Science Fiction and the SyFy network. When brainstorming, I made connections with fantasy creatures like mermaids, unicorns, and fairies, and decided to exemplify the connection between the SyFy viewer and these intangible and non-existent creatures. In the spot, SyFy will be shown as the connecting force that unites us to the fantasy realm.

In the spot, a woman will be posed as though blowing a kiss, and instead, from her palm there will be the fantasy creatures mentioned above, moving off-frame to then proceed to encircle the SyFy logo, ending with the key phrase “Imagine Possible” reminding the viewer that SyFy is the source to connect with impossible and intangible ideas, and makes them accessible to their viewers.

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