ACIT 2010 high school yearbook

about the project

This was a design done for a high school's yearbook in 2010. The book's theme was "Moving forward" and was centered around the idea of the progression that the graduating seniors had made over the last four years. The design focus was placed on color, youth, and vibrance, with a modern edge. This project was a huge undertaking, but looking back it is one of my favorite projects and designing and creating a treasured keepsake to my fellow classmates was well worth the many sleepless nights.

The cover features the acronym "ACIT" (the name of the school), handwritten by each of the graduating students.

The Ski & Surf spread was designed to feature the Ski and Surf club at the school. Using real photographs that incorporated the students' adventures that they had on trips to the mountains and beach.

The Senior Spread introduces readers to the senior section of the yearbook, showcasing their final year in high school. This page also showcases some facts from the year 2010 and a written statement about the graduating class from a student.

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